EL FAR CaféEDUCATION SERVERCOVID-19 changed our lives from one dayto the next.Suddenly, we could not attendour classrooms in person. And the studentsneeded more than ever an accompanimentnot only pedagogical, but emotional.From this abrupt situation EL FAR Caféproject was born for 1stof ESO students.For instance, we worked onverbs and readings through ashort adventure taking the booksof the same game as a pretext.The architecture of the game is basedon themodernismestyle that can befound around Catalonia and otherspots, so we also took the opportunityto discover this artistic movement.Besides, we also wanted to make useof other technologies and thus recordeda fun video to practice English.But it wasn't all about studying. We alsoleft some time for them to investigatethe huge game and play together toencourage fellowship.Since the project was sosuccessful, we plan tocontinue using the server fromtime to time with new activities!We were also able to work on social studiesand recreate what we imagined the hanginggardens of Babylon might have looked like(although there are already several projectsthat they checked, too).Built on the Bedrock editionand available as a freeserver to the educationalcommunity when the videogame was released duringthose months of lockdown,students were able to useMinecraft as an alternativeto stay in touch with theirpeers while learning aboutour subjects in a moreenjoyable way than atraditional video call.Some of the contents we createdwere related to the English language,but also Catalan resources for newstudents from different countries whowere a bit lost at the beginning.