hosts many activities and materials in the English language. All our resources are available for free for teachers and students. Resources and materials to learn English. No register or account creation needed. EDSEC University Videos Archive Direct and fast downloads from trusted cloud storages. Find activities on any topic, from English language to social studies to maths. We’re also expanding some of our materials to the Catalan and Spanish languages.
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The purpose of this site is to share materials with our students. Besides, other teachers may use it any time they need it.


This website is a tool for our teachers and students of English in which you can find materials and resources for learning its vocabulary, grammar, literature and related cultures. Here you will locate activities for high school students, as well as several projects that aim to explore the use of the English language in the classroom. Everything you find here is aimed at my students in secondary schools, so it should not be considered as editorial material but rather as a portal to access tools that may be of interest to the classroom and which may be of use to other teachers.

All content published on is free of charge for teachers and students and does not require prior registration for using it. The site will be updated regularly with new materials and resources that may be profitable for your lessons.

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