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  Emily Brontë    
  Activities for Literary Studies    
  An Introduction to Literary Studies    
  Learning Styles  
  Reading Strategies    
  Charles Dickens    
  The European Language Portfolio (Competences, Resources and Strategies in English)    
  ANGLÈS Blog (Competences, Resources and Strategies in English)    
  English Applied to Scientific Communication    
  Introduction to Linguistics    
  DIALOG ACTIVITY—Two Old Friends    
  Isaac Asimov  
  The Course Porfolio (Narration and Description)    
  The Happy Prince    
  Sentence Meaning In English  
  Adolescents versus the World  
  English Language Portfolio  
  The Myth of Persephone In Universal Literature  
mul Myth In Universal Literature   2015.01.14
duese Describing and Using English on Speech Events   2015.01.14
bmln Biomimetics. Learning From Nature 2015.01.15
  Health Science— My Glossary (Technical and Professional English) 2015.03.20
  Autonomous Learning Activities (Technical and Professional English)   2015.03.20
  Tourism— My Glossary (Technical and Professional English) 2015.04.10
egplc The Epic of Gilgamesh and Paradise Lost —A Comparison   2015.05.06
lpop The Language Police— Prescriptivism & Standardization 2015.05.26
  Advertising— My Glossary (Technical and Professional English) 2015.04.30
jifp Jezebel—In the Footsteps of Poe   2015.06.15
pac Australia and Canada Portfolio   2015.11.29
ifdh The Influence of the Drugs in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde   2015.12.01
earf The effects of age on L2 reading fluency   2015.12.08
anca Things Fall Apart. An Alternative Narrative of Colonialism in Africa 2016.01.08
gsd The Golden Sheen of Dusk   2016.01.11
npcw Creative Writing–Workbook of Poems   2016.01.18
acp Africa and the Caribbean Portfolio   2016.01.22
ukeul To the EU: Goodbye, Neighbour   2016.01.31
hwhv(1,2) The Duality of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights   2016.03.06
apna Monstrosity in Apt Pupil and Its Film Adaptation   2016.03.26
pae1 PORTFOLIO: Argumentative Texts and Seminars   2016.03.30
fegabcv(1,2) The Flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh and in the Biblical Account   2016.04.17
elpljm Everlasting Life in Paradise Lost 2016.05.12
pae2 PORTFOLIO: Abstracts and Oral Presentations   2016.05.12
cals Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Practical Activities   2016.05.13
drasm The Dual Representation of Africa in King Solomon's Mines    
mtl Modernism in To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf 2016.06.07
pae3 PORTFOLIO: Expository Essays and Interviews   2016.06.10
wtp Theatre Workshop Portfolio 2016.06.13
cbcsf Effectiveness in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Its Film Adaptation   2016.06.15
ptim British Imperialism in India: Frontal Clash between Civilizations   2016.10.30
idbed 'I Died For Beauty'–Emily Dickinson 2016.12.01
tmtd Clash of cultures and translation difficulties in Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother 2016.12.18
alova Abraham Lincoln. Hero or Knave? 2016.12.22
fgdbs A Feminist Approach to Bram Stoker's Dracula   2016.12.23
scsq Spanglish Code-switching in Don Quixote de la Mancha   2016.12.28
qiarm ‘Victims’ and ‘criminals’: the representation of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the press of the UK   2017.01.23
aiwz World War Z: Zombies as Immigrants in an Apocalyptic World in Which the United States Is Presented As the Saviour Agent   2017.06.12
abakg Amelia Butterworth: A pioneering spinster detective by Anna Katharine Green 2017.06.05
ubec The use of blogs to teach EFL 2018.01.26
ducdn CRIME SCENE. Is the English Teacher a Thief?   2018.02.27
aelep Teaching EFL Portfolio   2018.03.01
gmel Fostering Gamification to Motivate Students to Learn English Literature 2018.06.08
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