Gamified activities Commercial Activities Social Studies Administrative Management Remedial lessons Business Administration & Finance Renewable energy Marketing and Advertising The Literature Thief Gamified activity Solve the mysterious disappearance of famous books by different authors. Life on Earth Social Studies Presentation Learn about the first species on Earth and how our planet changed for millions of years. Halloween – Its Origins Reflection on a festivity Activities to encourage learning how Halloween became a popular holiday. The Languages Thief Language Diversity Week Activity A project in which students investigate on English-speaking countries and cultures. The mystery of the lighthouse Escape room Join this experience in which students learn while playing in a unique adventure. New materials will be published in future updates, categorised in different sections. Games & projects EL FAR Café Learn more about this project created during the past COVID-19 lockdown. Welcome to the resources for teachers section. Learning activities in English. This page features activities and different materials for teachers to use in their lessons. Explore several gamified activities, multi-themed exercises, and more!