An Introduction to Literary Studies
An Introduction to Literary Studies

An Introduction to Literary Studies

Table of contents of the assignment

  1. Introduction
  2. A MASTERPIECE The Bible
  3. ARCHETYPES The Song of Solomon
  4. FORM OF A POEM Les Fleurs du Mal
  5. AVANT-GARDE Extraordinary Stories
  6. Conclusion

The Bible tells a unique story from the past to the future

What is this assignment?

This assignment tries to reflect the reasons on why the Bible is a masterpiece from a literary point of view. It also provides some models of stereotypes of the Song of Solomon, analyses the figure of Baudelaire and Poe in literature and focuses on the form and the innovations in which these works have influenced our world and societies. Images and photographs play a very important role in each section. Illustrations help to better understand the message exposed in the text; and margin boxes, footnotes and the appendix give useful extra information.

The assignment is divided in four sections. The first one presents a work considered a masterpiece, the second one explains the archetypes of a poem, while the third exposes the form in literature, and finally it concludes with the innovative elements which were characteristic of the XIX century.

How old is the Bible compared to other sacred books?

How old is the Bible compared to other sacred books (second part)?

Main sources in order to do an accurate analysis of the literary works

Trying to analyse each part has been the main idea to develop this assignment. First of all, reading many times the text carefully was of great importance, as in any literary analysis. Understanding as much as possible and writing down interesting points and main concepts was a second step. Then it was important to look up for reliable information of the works and compare them with the first impressions which had been taken. Finally, after some research, organising the information in a coherent and cohesive way to complete the paper.

Israel during biblical times
A prophecy of Daniel: the world powers
For many reasons it is said that the Bible is the Mother of Literature

A description on Literature in Europe during the XIX and XX centuries

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