Boiling Point— Experiencing the Theatre.
The play focused on different scenes in a restaurant.

Boiling Point—Experiencing the Theatre.

Theatre Workshop.

Come and enjoy a unique journey exploring the world of the theatre behind the scenes. All of this possible thanks to an incredible team!

The programme that was offered to the general public.

And so... a BIG Thank You to

  • the director for her infinite patience and support throughout all the process.
  • actors for their excellent job and incredible performances.
  • stage managers for their steady work even though they were too few to cope with it all.
  • production assistants for their effectiveness and last minute preparation details.
  • sound and light technicians for their magic with glows and colours.
  • musicians for their thrilling harmonious compositions.

And to all those who have given of their time, resources and energy to attain an astounding play that was a complete success.

Thank you, really!

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