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Social Justice or the Power of the Stronger

The injustices that are happening bring suffering and protests.

Many people suffer because of the crisis

Everyone has the right to proper housing and employment, but as a result of the economic crisis many families find themselves having to choose between paying for their home and feeding their family.

Because of mortgage defaults, banks repossess homes and people are left with nothing, and often they can get even assignment of mortgage to the bank, but still have a debt with the bank, which prevents them from staying on the verge of bankruptcy. It is the fight between David and Goliath. Fortunately there are associations that support these people. In Spain there exists the PAH (Platform for those Affected by the Mortgage, for its acronym in Spanish).

Thanks to such organizations some families have had a second chance, and this is a source of hope for those people who are going through this difficult situation.

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