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The Health of Our Planet Depends On How We Take Care

Not recycling results in the accumulation of garbage and toxic waste that affects the environment in a very harmful way.

Recycling results in a good way to protect our planet.

  • Every minute, more than 75 tonnes of electronic waste are produced. (UNEP)
  • So far this year, there have been over 1,240,000,000 tonnes of household waste in the world. (OECD)

These shocking figures confirm an unfortunate reality: despite efforts to recycle, trash continues to rise alarmingly. With this in mind, why is it so important that we all work together recycling?

Consider only some of the benefits of recycling: just a drop of oil contaminates 1,000 litres of water. If we recover two tons of plastic, we are saving a ton of oil! When we recycle overexploitation of natural resources and pollution of air and water is reduced. For each package that is recycled we obtain the energy needed to maintain a television on saving for three hours.

Much more things could be said in favour of recycling. But the main idea is that our planet has the amazing ability to regenerate itself. Given enough time, the Earth will be cleaned of all the damage we are causing to it. Are not these good reasons to recycle?

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