The mystery of thelighthouseEscape roomUse these series of activities to help studentsprepare for the Preliminary test in the form of anEscape room. You can use the activities as such oradapt the templates to the contents you’d like to.Your adventure starts after a coach accidentwhile you and your students are travelling for aschool trip. What happens next is just thebeginning of a nightmare.In this learning unit all students shouldhelp each other to continue and reachthe ending of the story with their finalproduct. Thus, they have to cooperateand work into different groups.Lost, with no food nor strength, you’ll have to solvelots of puzzles and dilemmas while learning English.Avoid dangerous situations anddiscover up to 12 places which can bereproduced in the same classroom.The materials include hundredsof pictures, a presentation withaudios, videos and activities,the student’s dossier and theteacher’s guidelines.You may adapt any of the resourcesto your students and your timing.Write your own ending or continuewith one of the suggestions you’llfind in your teacher’s guidelines,just as in a choose-your-own-adventure story!
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