That door led to a large room that doubled as an office. Sir Simon’s Canterville secret room? The office On top of the desk were some of Virginia’s notes about real and invented facts about the story of her family and the ghost of Canterville Chase. 1. What is the name of the American Minister who bought Canterville Chase? a. Sydney P. Sherman. b. Moses R. Croft. c. Dudley M. Stokecroft. d. Hiram B. Otis. 2. What does the American Minister say about ghosts in Europe? a. That if they existed, America would have them in museums soon. b. That his modern way of thinking would prevent him from witnessing them. c. That he looked forward to meeting one. d. That he wasn’t scared of silly little things like ghosts. 3. What does Washington use to remove the blood stain by the fireplace? a. Pinkerton’s Champion Cleaner. b. Mr Muscle. c. Addison’s High-Powered Cleaning Fluid. d. Super-powered all- American bleach bar 4. What does Mr Otis suggest they do about Mrs Umney’s fainting? a. Give her a week of sick leave. b. Be extra nice to her. c. Fire her immediately. d. Pay her less. 5. What do the Otis family find when they come down to breakfast on their first morning at Canterville Chase? a. Mrs Umney has been murdered. b. The blood stain has returned. c. The chairs have all been overturned. d. Virginia has died. 6. What does Mr Otis do when he sees the ghost? a. He faints. b. He stands still waiting for the ghost to do something. c. He screams and runs back into his bedroom, slamming the door. d. He gives him some lubrication for his chains. 8. When was the last time the ghost slept? a. 300 years before. b. Since the Otis family arrived. c. 40 days and 40 nights. d. He slept a whole week. 10. What does Lord Canterville say about the jewels? a. That Virginia should keep them. b. That he wants them all back, including the box. c. That he will take them back, but Virginia can keep the box. d. That they should sell them. 7. What does Mrs Otis do when the Canterville ghost laughs his most terrible laugh? a. She cries and collapses on the floor. b. She screams and jumps out of the nearest window. c. She starts laughing, too. d. She offers him a bottle of medicine. 9. What do the animals tell Virginia when she leaves with the ghost? a. You are passing into worlds untold. b. The golden girl will be no more. c. Don’t listen to the ghost! d. We’ll never see you again. TAKE THE GHOST’S DIARY After completing this section of the diary and with no way out of that attic, we finally found a secret ladder behind the fireplace wall.