weeks later The detective was walking with difficulty through the bushes. Torch in hand, he tried to reach the scene of the fatal accident. What would have led these teenagers to risk their lives in such a dark place? In the darkness he saw a slight glow. It was a horse-drawn carriage. Odd, what would it be doing just parked there? No one was inside, but what the poor unfortunate man found left him speechless and paralysed. On a half-broken tablet he found some horrifying photographs in the gallery. Two of them showed paintings made years ago. Now that was suspicious. The mansion had burned down with its inhabitants more than a century ago. How could they have taken those pictures? His legs did not respond. With a last breath of air he managed to pull himself back and run into the forest as fast as he had ever run before. The structure was badly deteriorated. It was impossible for the students to have gone in there. There was little left of the place. The detective moved a little further. He could hear the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks of the cliffs. A storm was approaching. A big storm. Perhaps he should postpone the search for the boys and girls. He had arrived at the scene of the accident. Poor guys. The terrified detective took a quick glance upwards. What he discovered made his blood run cold. Wait. That was... blood ? What…? What was that? It looked like a sacrificial altar. No, it couldn't be. He had to run away from that cursed nightmare at that very moment. The fearful man turned around with such bad luck that he fell into a very deep hole. He had no time to think. A whisper reached his ears from close by. Just a moment. Something caught his eye. A small esplanade opened up through the forest. Oh, yes! The Garden of Sleep . It was said that all kind souls were resting there. After several minutes without stopping he decided to look back. There was no sign of those creatures. My friend. Shall you join my eternal family and play a game? Darkness lasted forever.