In our hurry we ran through the house without knowing where we were going and ended up in a kind of tower or attic. Interesting. This leads to a door with a code. The attic There was something in that room that caught our attention. There were newspaper clippings with various photographs and quotes. “These modern Americans come here and have no respect for me.” The Headless Lord […] pushed the door open and… a big, heavy jug of water fell on him. “Did you see the old writing on the library window?” “We hit him with our pillows.” “I will ask the Angel of Sleep to forgive you.” TAKE THE GHOST’S DIARY T 1 2 S L R E S 3 4 5 “Take this bottle of ‘Rising Sun American Lubricator’. Put it on your chains and they won’t make a noise any more”. 6 S “You probably have a bad stomach ache. Take this medicine.” 7 E Fire came from its eyes and mouth, and it was wearing a long white sheet. 8 Enter code***